Our Sweet Red Muscadine Wine

Tasting Notes

The rich concentrated stewed fruit character of this sweet red muscadine wine has a more rounded palate feature. Robust and deep, just like the big man it’s named for, Lott reminds us of the fun and easy-going person everyone enjoys being around!

Wine Pairing Suggestions

The rich concentrated stewed fruit character of Lott, our sweet red muscadine wine, makes it a perfect pairing with steak, beef brisket, chicken marsala, and chocolate desserts. 

2018 Awards

Florida State Fair Wine & Grape Juice Competition 2018 – Bronze 


2019 Awards

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2019 – Bronze 78 points 

2020 Awards

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2020 – Gold 

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2020 – “Best Georgia Red Muscadine Wine”

USA Wine Ratings 2020 – Bronze 79 points 

2021 Awards

USA Wine Ratings 2021 – Bronze 76 points 

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2021 – Double Gold 

Carolina Classic Fair 2021 – Bronze  

About Lott

Our sweet red muscadine wine is named Lott, in honor of Jacobs father. Lott Paulk was born on October 18, 1888. He married Rachel Vickers on November 29, 1908. They had 5 children who grew to adulthood, with Jacob being the baby.  

Lott was a farmer, a county commissioner, and very much a philanthropist in his community. He donated money for necessary hospital equipment and land for a local church, and helped young men start their own farming operations. Lott and Rachel were devout churchgoers, always showing up early in their Sunday best.  

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