Our sweet muscadine wine is name Lott, in honor of Jacobs father. Lott Paulk was born on October 18, 1888. He married Rachel Vickers on November 29, 1908. They had 5 children who grew to adulthood, with Jacob being the baby.  

Lott was a farmer, a county commissioner, and very much a philanthropist in his community. He donated money for necessary hospital equipment and land for a local church, and helped young men start their own farming operations. Lott and Rachel were devout churchgoers, always showing up early in their Sunday best.  

Lotts death from complications after a car accident came as quite a shock in 1964. We honor his love for the land and for other people here at Paulk Vineyards by naming our sweet red muscadine wine Lott, which is perfect for sharing with family and friends after a long day of hard work! 

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