Our Semi-Dry White Muscadine Wine

Tasting Notes

There’s a soft peach, pineapple, and honeydew aroma and flavor that balance well in this easygoing semi-dry white muscadine wine. Pearl is light and elegant, without a large acidity, making it a true gem just like its namesake!

Wine Pairing Suggestions

Thanks to the soft peach, pineapple, and honeydew aroma and flavor that balance well in this semi-dry white muscadine wine, Pearl pairs well with grilled or fried seafood, sushi, baked or fried chicken, and fresh vegetables and salads.

2018 Awards

Florida State Fair Wine & Grape Juice Competition 2018 – Bronze 


2019 Awards

 Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2019 – Bronze



2020 Awards

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2020 – Silver 

USA Wine Ratings 2020 – Silver 83 points 

2021 Awards

USA Wine Ratings 2021 – Silver 85 points 

Carolina Classic Fair 2021 – Bronze  

About Pearl

Our semi-dry white wine is named Pearl, in honor of Juliettes mother. Pearl Ross was born on November 18, 1906, one of 12 children! 

She married Hugo Handley, and together they had two lovely daughters, Jeannette and Juliette. Unfortunately, Hugo passed away before Juliette was a year old, leaving Pearl to raise the girls on her own. 

Pearl worked as the school cafeteria manager, providing nutritious and delicious meals for the students. She took pleasure in working in her garden, and spent her summers putting up fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed by both her family at home and her students at school. As a grandmother and great-grandmother, she became known for her baked goods, particularly her teacakes! 

Pearl passed away in 2006, leaving a large and growing family and quite an influence on Paulk Vineyards. Her love of flavorful food and heart for other people is honored in our semi-dry white wine, Pearl, which has all the flavor of muscadines without being too sweet, thats just right for enjoying with family and friends. 

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