Our sweet white muscadine wine is name Rachel, who was Jacobs mother. Rachel Vickers was born on April 8, 1890.  She married Lott Paulk on November 29, 1908. Together they raised five children to adulthood, with Jacob being the youngest.  

Rachel was well-known for her cooking, often inviting family friends over for Sunday lunch, offering quite a feast. She and Lott were devout churchgoers, showing up early in their Sunday best. She enjoyed listening and singing along to The Grand Ole Opry on the radio. Many evenings would find her fishing along the banks of nearby ponds. Once, she got caught in the rain because she wouldnt leave until shed caught something! 

Rachel passed away in 1978 at the age of 88. Her love for cooking, as well as her spirit of hospitality, are honored in our sweet white muscadine wine, which pairs best with a home-cooked meal and family and friends to share it with!

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