Highway 32

Our Sweet Blueberry Wine

Tasting Notes

This sweet blueberry wine is soft, elegant, and breezy, balanced with a flirtatious touch of oak. The sweetness on the backend is just right. Highway 32 Sweet Blueberry Wine rides like a convertible down the highway on a perfectly sunny day!

Wine Pairing Suggestions

This soft and sweet blueberry wine with just a touch of oak pairs well with grilled chicken, smoked beef or pork, crumbly cheeses like Feta, Blue, or goat cheese, nuts, salads, and even desserts. 

2020 Awards

Texas International Wine Competition 2020 – Bronze 

USA Wine Ratings 2020 – Silver 83 points 

2021 Awards

USA Wine Ratings 2021 – Silver 83 points 

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2021 – Double Gold 

Carolina Classic Fair 2021 – Silver  

About Highway 32

When choosing a name for our blueberry wine, it all came down to connections. Highway 32 connects our family farm and winery to the farm where the blueberries grow, and it connects us to our family and friends. 

Look at a map of Georgia, and you’ll see that Highway 32 is the main state highway that leads family and friends out to Paulk Vineyards, our family farm and tasting room. This highway extends across south Georgia from Terrell County to Glynn County, and in the process, connects us here at the Irwin-Coffee County border to our friend’s blueberry farm in Pierce County.  

While we don’t grow blueberries at Paulk Vineyards, we are proud to say that our Highway 32 Sweet Blueberry Wine is made from Georgia Grown blueberries. It’s aged with a bit of oak, giving it a bit of a drier finish, so it’s perfect for just sitting and sipping, but it also holds its own alongside a steak.  

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