Our semi-sweet red muscadine wine is named Jacob for the man who started it all here at Paulk Vineyards. Jacob Willis Paulk, Sr. was born to Lott and Rachel Paulk, October 20, 1931, and raised on the family farm. He married Gladys Juliette Handley on April 5, 1953, and raised his own family of four boys in the house he was born in.  

Jacob was an innovator, a man ahead of his time. In the late 1960s, he realized he needed to break away from traditional row-crop farming, like peanuts and soybeans. He tried his hand at many different fruits and vegetables before planting his first muscadine vine in 1970, thus beginning Paulk Vineyards.  

Jacob passed away from Interstitial Lung Disease in 2017. His legacy of learning and creating new things lives on here at Paulk Vineyards, particularly in our semi-sweet red muscadine wine named Jacob, which is best enjoyed with family and friends, just as he would!  

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