Our semi-sweet white wine is named Juliette, in honor of Jacobs wife and matriarch of the Paulk Vineyards family. Gladys Juliette Handley was born December 6, 1932, to Hugo and Pearl Handley. She became better known as Judy, and later in life, Mama” Judy. 

Jacob and Juliette married in 1953 and raised four sons together. Those sons married, giving them 11 grandchildren and, at last count, 14 great-grandchildren. She enjoyed any sort of celebration, from weddings to birthdays, as it was an excuse for some of her favorite things: to gather her whole family together, shop for and give gifts, dance with Jacob, and eat dessert!  

Sadly, the Paulk family lost Juliette, Mama Judy, to Parkinsons Disease in 2013. Her playful spirit, generous soul, and social heart are honored in our semi-sweet white wine, which is fun and sweet – but not too sweet! – and perfect for sharing with family and friends!  

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