Paulk Cabin

Our Fortified Muscadine Dessert Wine

Tasting Notes

This dessert wine is a balanced sweet and strong fortified muscadine wine that has a slightly nutty and orange marmalade aroma. Smooth, yet complex with oak flavor that will warm you all the way down to your toes! Sip Paulk Cabin while relaxing by a fire!

Wine Pairing Suggestions

Sweet and strong, with a hint of oak, Paulk Cabin may be a dessert in itself! Try it with nuts, cheeses(especially blue or smoky cheeses), fruits like apples or figs, and chocolates for a simple traditional pairing. Also delicious with desserts, such as pecan pie, crème brulee, chocolate lava cake, cherry pie, chocolate truffles, or caramel covered cheesecake. If you enjoy a pipe or cigar, Paulk Cabin is perfect to sip alongside!

2020 Awards

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2020 – Silver 

2021 Awards

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2021 – Double Gold 

Carolina Classic Fair 2021 – Bronze  

Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition – Silver  

About Paulk Cabin

Although all of our wines bear the image of our family’s A-frame cabin, this port-style dessert wine actually is named for that place that’s so special to our family. Fond memories of family gatherings, birthday parties, and especially joking and reminiscing around the campfire are what we thought about while formulating Paulk Cabin. It’s sweet and strong, since it’s a sweet red muscadine wine that’s fortified with an oak-aged brandy. It pairs well with smoke of any kind, whether it’s from the fireplace or a cigar, as well as good stories and wood paneling. Perfect for colder weather, Paulk Cabin will warm you up all the way down to your toes! 

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