Satilla Road

Our Strawberry Wine

Tasting Notes

This sweet strawberry wine is like a yummy strawberry preserve pastry in a wine glass. It feels soft and round in your mouth, without being overly sweet. One sip will have you picturing yourself picking fresh strawberries in our field on – you guessed it – Satilla Road!

Wine Pairing Suggestions

The flavor of a strawberry pastry in a glass makes our sweet strawberry wine a nice pairing with desserts, particularly chocolate or pound cake with whipped cream, nuts, creamy cheeses like Brie, grilled chicken, and salads.

2018 Awards

Florida State Fair Wine & Grape Juice Competition 2018 – Bronze 

Indy International Wine Competition 2018– Silver  


2019 Awards

Wines of the South 2019 – Bronze 

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2019 – Bronze 

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2019 – Bronze 73 points 

2020 Awards

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2020 – Silver 

USA Wine Ratings 2020 – Bronze 78 points 



2021 Awards

USA Wine Ratings 2021 – Silver 85 points 

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge 2021 – Silver  

Carolina Classic Fair 2021 – Bronze  

Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition 2021 – Gold  

About Satilla Road

When we decided to make a strawberry wine, we had a difficult choice in what to name it. We finally settled on Satilla Roadto pay homage not only to where the strawberries are grown, but also to where so many in our family have grown up and where all of our wines are made. Satilla Road is the epicenter of our family, our farm, and our faith. Even those who didnt grow up here or have moved on have wonderful memories of their time on Satilla Road.  

Lott and Rachel Paulk built their home on Satilla Road, which runs through the family farm. That house is actually where Jacob was born and raised, and when he and Judy moved back home, they raised their four boys in that very same home. Years later, they encouraged Judys mother, Pearl, to come live with them. When that old homeplace burned in 1998, Jacob and Judy built a new home in the exact same location, being sure to include a room for Pearl, which eventually became a room for Judys sister, Jeannette.   

Satilla Road is the Main Streetof our family farm. There are no traffic jams out here, unless you count getting stuck behind a tractor or harvest truck, but it is certainly the center of all the action! 

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