Strawberry Season at Paulk Vineyards

March 28, 2019

Throughout the years, we’ve grown many different fruits here at Paulk Vineyards. We’re best known for our muscadines, but in the past we’ve also grown peaches and nectarines. Now, in addition to the muscadines, we also grow persimmons, blackberries, a few blueberries, and strawberries.

Although most of the strawberries we sell are hand-picked by our employees and sold wholesale to farmers’ markets, adding the strawberry pick-your-own has given us a wonderful opportunity to get to know our neighbors and provided enjoyment for all of us! Some of the best pictures posted to our social media have been taken in the strawberry field!

We love providing the experience of picking your own fruit and knowing exactly where it comes from. We believe it’s important for people, especially our children, to see how our food grows and how much work goes into harvesting it. And, what incredible memories are created when families work together to fill that little red basket full of ripe, delicious strawberries!

Of course, there are always some berries that don’t make it to market or get overlooked by those who come out to pick. So, what do you do with all that fruit? Around here, we’ve learned how to make the most of what we have, so in the spirit of lemons and lemonade, we make wine! Satilla Road Strawberry Wine is described as “a strawberry preserve pastry in a wine glass!”

If you’re in the area during strawberry season, we’d love to have you come out to the farm to pick your own strawberries and try Satilla Road Strawberry Wine! See our Pick Your Own page for more information, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Hope to see you soon!

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