Fourth of July

Jacob Willis Paulk loved his country, his family, and a celebration, so it should come as no surprise that the Fourth of July may have been his favorite holiday (possibly second only to Christmas)! He served in the United States Air Force 1953-1958, receiving his bachelors degree in meteorology from Penn State, then serving at Ramey AFB in Puerto Rico before returning home to farm and serve in the Reserves. As a veteran, he loved the American flag, knowing and appreciating what it stands for.

Every year, a few days before July 4th, Jacob would go purchase dollar store flags to decorate the Paulk family cabin and pavilion, hanging what he could and sticking the rest into the ground or flower pots. He would invite all of the family and as many friends as anyone wanted to bring down to the cabin to swim and ski in the pond, then stay for a dinner of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and lots of watermelon and homemade ice cream.                  









Around dusk, he would gather everyone together in patio and folding chairs to watch fireworks, his favorite part of the entire day. Even the neighbors would watch and enjoy the show from their yards. Years ago, fireworks could not be purchased legally in Georgia, so Papa Jacob would drive down to the Florida line or make a stop before leaving North Carolina while visiting Larrys (his son) family!  

Since Papa Jacob passed away, the family has continued his tradition. In fact, since missing the Fourth of July celebration at the cabin a couple of years ago, two of his great-grandsons have refused to go on vacation anywhere unless they can be back before the Fourth! Just another way Papa Jacobs legacy lives on here at Paulk Vineyards! 

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