Summer Wine + Food Pairings feat. Lake Day

One question that we are often asked in our Tasting Room is what foods should be paired with each of our wines?

Our best advice is always to drink what you like, no matter what you’re eating, and eat what you like, no matter what you’re drinking. Your opinion is ultimately what counts when it comes to pairing your glass with your plate; however, we do have a few suggested pairings that we have discovered work well together.

While most people know the tried-and-true advice of drinking white wines with chicken and seafood and red wines with beef and pork, with muscadine and other fruit wines you can bend the rules a bit, thanks to the unique flavors and sweetness of these wines.

Whether you’re actually spending the day on the water, or just want to be, Lake Day, our Sweet Rosé Muscadine Wine is perfect for sitting and sipping!

Our family has so many sweet memories on the lake where our A-frame cabin is located. Countless friends and family members have learned how to ski and swim there, birthday parties and lazy summer afternoons have been spent there, even fellow church members have been baptized there!

We envisioned celebrating in the sunshine and near the water whenever we created Lake Day Rosé.

Smooth and sweet, but not cloying, Lake Day is at home at a ladies’ luncheon or backyard barbecue; think, chicken salad and pimiento cheese or burgers and BBQ ribs. The light sweetness balances out spicy foods, like hot wings or Cajun chicken pasta, but also goes well with lighter fare such as seafood, salads, and fruits.

In the pictures featured here, one of our wonderful Paulk Vineyards customers needed a wine that was light and refreshing. She was having a girls day while their littles played outside in the beautiful weather and wanted a wine that embodied the perfect sunny day. The natural choice was a bottle of Lake Day Rosé! Our customers love to entertain and decided a pimiento cheese and chicken salad board would be perfect for the occasion. They grabbed fresh chicken salad and pimiento cheese from a local café and paired it with romaine lettuce leaves and assorted crackers to complete the board! Needless to say, a great time was had by all.

You don’t have to create an extravagant spread to enjoy our award-winning muscadine wines. It can be as easy as picking up a pound of chicken salad and a box of crackers from the grocery store! Although we will say sometimes it is fun to go a little over the top. Make sure to let us know your favorite Paulk Vineyards Wine pairings so that we can try them out too!

Stay tuned as we share more wine and food pairings that are perfect for summer or any season!

Did you know that Saturday, June 12th, is National Rose Day? We’ll be celebrating with Lake Day! Will you?

Stop by the Tasting Room, grab a bottle from your local retailer or order online so you can join in the festivities!

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