Juliettes full given name was Gladys Juliette Handley, but in grade school she decided to change her name. Apparently, some of the boys in her class called her Happy Bottomas their interpretation of Gladys. If youre wondering where they came up with such a phrase, just say Gladysslowly with a strong southern accent to split the name into two words you could replace with happyand bottom! Of course, Judy didnt appreciate the nickname, so when she started her new school in town, and the teacher called roll, she raised her hand and announced, I go by Judy now!”  

It was at this school where Judy met her childhood best friend, Beverly. Judy and Beverly became inseparable and created plenty of mischief together! Judy met Jacob in high school while sweeping the auditorium. Jacob was impressed by the beautiful girl who was so industrious, only to learn later that she was assigned the task as punishment for chewing gum in class!  

Known to her family as Mama Judy, was the ultimate family matriarch and stereotypical mother hen.She raised four boys with Jacob, here on the family farm, and loved nothing more than having them bring their entire families back home to eat, laugh, and reminisce. She truly enjoyed watching her grandchildren and great-grandchildren play together while her grown children shared stories and jokes. 

 Nearly as much as she loved her own family, she also loved her Satilla Baptist Church family. Faith and fellowship were very important to her. Although she was not much of a cook, she would always have something on the table at church suppers, usually prepared by their beloved housekeeper, Melvine. She was an avid admirer of Billy Graham and his evangelistic crusades, and she was known to call family and friends to tell them to turn on their TV to watch him!  

Giving gifts, particularly wedding and baby gifts, brought Juliette more joy than almost anything else in the world! She loved attending showers at church for brides and expectant mothers, as well as childrens birthday parties. As a loyal customer of Belks department store, she enjoyed shopping for those gifts nearly as much as giving them. Many times during those shopping trips, she would inevitably pick up a few outfits or jewelry for herself. After bringing them home, she would have buyers remorse and end up returning most or all of what she had purchased! 



Jacob and Juliette traveled with friends and family, especially enjoying time at Saint Simons Island off the coast of Georgia, but more frequently entertained at their own home. She took pleasure in having nice dishes and silver, yet valued the company of her family much more, particularly her dear Jacob. Evenings would find them dancing in the living room to theirsong: Frank Sinatras Always,Glenn Millers String of Pearls,or whatever was playing on the Lawrence Welk show!

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