Mother’s Day at Paulk Vineyards

April 22, 2022

Our white muscadine wines here at Paulk Vineyards are named for significant women in our family. With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to share some interesting pictures and stories of these incredible mothers.

As you may know from reading Papa Jacob’s Story, Jacob and Juliette began their married life at Penn State, then Puerto Rico.

While living in Puerto Rico, both of their mothers, Rachel and Pearl came to visit and help out with baby Terrence. They also managed to do some sightseeing and even a little relaxing!

This trip was meaningful and special for them all, as they each took on new roles: daughter to mother, mother to grandmother. It must have been difficult for Rachel and Pearl to fly back home, leaving Juliette to figure out how to be a mother without them.

As Juliette did learn how to be a mother, surely she recalled the examples of her own mother and mother-in-law, as most young women do when they become mothers. Pearl’s grace and strength, along with Rachel’s diligence and patience, combined with each of their unwavering faith must have inspired Juliette to become the fun-loving, giving, and deeply caring mother – and eventually, grandmother – she was! 

The influence of these women continues to surface throughout the Paulk family, even today. We’re grateful for their impact on all our lives, and strive to meet the standard they have left behind.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th!

Treat Mom to something you know she’ll love this year…her favorite Paulk Vineyards wine! From now until Mother’s Day, use code MOTHERSDAY to take 20% off of all wines named after mothers in the Paulk Family (Rachel, Juliette, & Pearl). Click here to shop!

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