Summer Wine + Food Pairings feat. Juliette

June 16, 2021

One question that we are often asked in our Tasting Room is what foods should be paired with each of our wines?

Our best advice is always to drink what you like, no matter what you’re eating, and eat what you like, no matter what you’re drinking. Your opinion is ultimately what counts when it comes to pairing your glass with your plate; however, we do have a few suggested pairings that we have discovered work well together.

While most people know the tried-and-true advice of drinking white wines with chicken and seafood and red wines with beef and pork, with muscadine and other fruit wines you can bend the rules a bit, thanks to the unique flavors and sweetness of these wines.

If you’re looking for a wine that tastes like summertime, meet Juliette, our semi-sweet white muscadine wine. The aroma of honeysuckle combines with a citrus-y hint of orange rind and crushed grapefruit in this yummy Paulk Vineyards option. Juliette is truly the perfect summer wine whose sweetness will dance on your palate no matter what you pair her with.


With the hint of citrus like orange rind and crushed grapefruit and just a gentle sweetness, Juliette, our semi-sweet white muscadine wine, is delicious with beef brisket, pulled pork, cooked vegetables, pasta with white sauce, and seafood with lemon and butter, like fish or shrimp scampi.

In the photos seen here, one of our fabulous Paulk Vineyards wine fans decided to serve Juliette when having family & friends over for two sweet summer get togethers.

“I can definitely see how Juliette pairs well with grilled seafood, especially those prepared with lemon and butter. A glass of Juliette was the perfect complement to our fresh, lemon-peppered grilled salmon served over a bed of rice.







I also served Juliette when I had my dad and stepmother over for dinner! My dad loves my homemade blackened shrimp alfredo. We also had cheesy garlic toast and steamed broccoli to go with it! After pouring myself a glass of Juliette, the rest of the table decided they wanted a glass, too.”


See how easy it can be to incorporate Paulk Vineyards wine into your meal plans? Our wines complement such a variety of dishes! Stop by the Tasting Room, grab a bottle from your local retailer or order online so that you can join in the fun too.

We’d love to know what you like to pair our delicious, award-winning wines with. Stay tuned as we share more wine and food pairings that are perfect for summer or any season!

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