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November 14, 2019

In the 1920s, churches would hold “proms” where young ladies could make a picnic lunch to be auctioned off to the highest-bidding young man, who would have the honor of enjoying that picnic with the young lady. Hugo Handley had his eye on Pearl Ross, so he purchased her picnic basket for the opportunity to…


October 31, 2019

Juliette’s full given name was Gladys Juliette Handley, but in grade school she decided to change her name. Apparently, some of the boys in her class called her “Happy Bottom” as their interpretation of Gladys. If you’re wondering where they came up with such a phrase, just say “Gladys” slowly with a strong southern accent…


July 25, 2019

Jacob Willis Paulk, Sr., was the man who started it all here at Paulk Vineyards. In the 1960s, he saw the need to transition from traditional row-crop farming to something different. His innovation prompted him to involve his county extension agent and to experiment with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables before settling on…

Fourth of July

July 3, 2019

Jacob Willis Paulk loved his country, his family, and a celebration, so it should come as no surprise that the Fourth of July may have been his favorite holiday (possibly second only to Christmas)! He served in the United States Air Force 1953-1958, receiving his bachelors degree in meteorology from Penn State, then serving at…

It’s Blackberry Season at Paulk Vineyards!

June 13, 2019

As you may already know, Paulk Vineyards is best known for growing muscadines, but over the years, we’ve tried our hand at many other fruits as well. Several years ago, Gary and JW began growing blackberries, and now there are well over 100 acres of blackberries grown here at Paulk Vineyards.  These berries are primarily…